Yayoi Kusama 2016 Exhibition in Helsinki

There are a dozen art museums here in Helsinki. And apparently, last week was my first time to check out one.


Because it’s Yayoi Kusama’s Art that finally came here in Helsinki.

Yayoi Kusama was born in Japan in the late 1920’s. She is a Japanese artist and a writer who has a strong influence with her style on minimalism, pop art, and feminist art.

She started with her art an early age of 10 with polka dots and nets as her theme. She went on working with different media which includes painting, sculpture, performance art, and environmental installations to name a few.

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Internal reality, hallucinations, fears and obsessions were her artistic inspirations. Her obsession on taking control of her fears through visualising and allocating these to her work has made her world-renowned.

Stairway to the Exhibit

Vintage Adverts and Us!

Fortunately, Helsinki Art Museum – HAM has featured Yayoi Kusama’s famous pieces and installations for their year end exhibit in Tennispalatsi in Kamppi.

HAM looks after a collection of public exhibits and artworks that includes over 9,000 individual works that belongs to the people of Helsinki. So, you see, the whole metroplitan area is an interactive museum for everyone! Which fascinates me, since every season, there’d be some sort of artistry happening around you.

Here, are some of the photos that I’ve gathered: A candy shop for the visual artist in you!



Paintings neatly lined-up beaming with colors and familiar toddler patterns leaves you mesmerising frame by frame.


Some small-framed paintings with mixed media that compels you to look closer.


Phallic Sculptures of different sorts.

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Her eternal love for pumpkins presented on different medias. Inside the Room for interaction, small pumpkins thoughtfully mounted on the shelves, the detailed dots on a pumpkin portrait vanishing through to make for a a 3-D effect to name a couple.

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Infinity Ball Room reflected by mirrored walls and water. We stayed the longest inside this room catching different color patterns from the ever changing hues from the dotted lanterns.


The Obliteration Room at the ground floor dotted by colorful rounds by those who visited. This was the last room that we were able to visit. We almost didn’t realise that we were missing on this!


The Phallis field was quite disorienting for us. Why? Because you’re only allowed to be inside for 60 seconds. Yes, six and zero. The room is small and they only allow 4 people inside, the tip: When you’re on queue to view this room, be very damn sure how you’re going to take your selfies and who’s going first! Unless you want to fall in line again like we did. ♥


In Helsinki for a layover or for the holidays? Well, I would be definitely obliged to recommend for you to come and visit the exhibition and experience a different kind of artistic experience whilst you’re here. The exhibition is only until the 22nd of January next year. After that, the next schedules Yayoi Kusama exhibition’s will be at The National Art in Tokyo on February 22 to May 22, 2017.

We came here after a long day at work, (at least for me) I felt quite refreshed and positive after visiting the exhibition. We’ve reveled back and forth from each sections. Shared a couple of giggles with Boomerang shots from our reflections and went on with our minds optically relished.

The regular admission’s 10€ and by the time you’re done going through the rooms, paintings, films, sculptures, and personal letters, a lovely lady will offer you to go take a good 5 minutes to sit down and answer a couple of questionnaires in exchange for a surprise gift 😉 ♥


♥∼∼Do the Hand Wave∼∼♥

Some text references from HAM website, Wikipedia, and Yayoi Kusama official website

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